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The IL Team

Justice McDaniel


Justice is an artist, musician, and enthusiastic weirdo who joined IL as an artist in residence years ago and now manages the whole thing (parents everywhere should be proud). His work is in often mixed media, melding elements of cartoon, surrealism, expressionism, and primitivism into paintings, drawings, semi-functional sculptures, 3D-printed things, and other excited jumbles that people can look at with their eyes. In his 29ish years on this planet he has also created over 500 original songs, toured in the US and Canada with his family band Zanois, and worked as scientist in the pharmaceutical industry with expensive robots. Justice is very interested in the daily goings-on of most animals, owns more Tamagotchis than shoes, and is still insistent that 12 Oz. Mouse was one of the three greatest television shows ever made.

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Andrew Meyer


A graduate of MIT, Andrew Meyer’s interest in coworking began in 2010 when his company, LeafLabs, moved into an underutilized commercial office building in Central Square. LeafLabs’ four founders were the only tenants of the 10,000 sq ft. building, but soon, Andrew and his colleagues had assembled enough like-minded friends and other startups to fill the building. 371 Green Street had become Tech City. Convinced in the value of sharing workspace with a diverse and talented community of artists and businesses, Andrew and other Tech City residents co-founded Industry Lab in 2011, signing its first lease on 1,200 sq ft. in Inman Square. 

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