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People @ IL

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Amber Myers

@ IL Since 2019

Amber Myers is a filmmaker who has worked on a variety of film and video projects, ranging from indie features, short films, web content, marketing and instructional videos, as well as personal projects. She has a Masters in Film Studies, with an interest in Counter Cinema, Feminist Film Theory and Documentary Filmmaking. She is employed as a Studio Production Artist in the Marketing and Communications Department at Boston University, and is currently using the Industry Lab Studio space to build her production reel to actively pursue video production full time.

Akito Van Troyer

@ IL Since 2017

Akito van Troyer strives to impact the future of human expression by creating musical experiences that enrich people's lives. He accomplishes this through technological innovations in the fields of musical instrument design, music composition, performance, and audience participation. Akito obtained his Ph.D. degree from the MIT Media Lab in 2018 inventing novel interactive music systems that inspire and guide people in discovering their own musical language.

apricity logo.png

@ IL Since 2018

Apricity is an engineering and product design agency headquartered in Bend, Oregon. We are a dedicated team of talented workers passionate about creating quality products that stand the test of time.

We work closely with our manufacturing partners to facilitate ease of product entry into the market. Our dynamic team can rapidly adjust to changing project requirements while maintaining the highest quality of service.

archer roose.jpg
Archer Roose

@ IL Since 2019

We bring you dangerously delicious wine in quite sensible packaging -- cans, boxes and kegs.

Authess | Jabra Zaccak

@ IL Since 2017

Authess™ is an ed-tech company proudly based in Boston, the hub of education.  We provide our SaaS products to employers, educators and OPM, training and assessment vendors via subscription.  We partner with employers to develop authentic challenges that require high-value, in-demand competencies.  Our mission is to broaden opportunity, close skill gaps, and reduce organizational risk through the convergence of authentic assessment and machine learning. 


@ IL Since 2018

Avana3D is a company aiming to own the consumer 3D printing market. Avana3D platform empowers the consumer to easily tap and print finished household goods at home. Several new technologies are under development to print multi-material, full color, and electronic consumer products with ease.

baker thomas law.jpg
Baker Thomas Law

@ IL Since 2014

Baker Thomas is a corporate boutique serving clients in tech, life sciences, art, and design. We offer sophisticated legal services informed by years of work at large firms and in solo practice. As artists, makers, and founders of startups ourselves, we bring a genuine interest in, and deeper understanding of, our clients’ businesses.

We’re also dedicated to social justice. Our corporate practice provides us the opportunity to work for the social good, whether in developing new models of employee equity participation, or representing refugees and asylees in immigration proceedings. We serve our public interest clients with as much fervor as our corporate clients.

Blink UX

@ IL Since 2015

Born out of the passion to make things easier to use, Blink UX was built on the foundation of science and design and the idea that all things can be intuitive if they are designed with a deep understanding of human behavior.

broadway technology.png
Broadway Technology | Elizabeth Dethy

@IL Since 2018

Our technology makes it simple to create, combine, and extend large-scale, high-performance intelligent systems in ways that were never before possible.


For over a decade, we’ve been using our core platform for scalable high-performance distributed computing, the TOC, to build intelligent trading systems for leading financial institutions. We’re now starting to solve real-time problems across every industry.

Clear Design Lab

@IL 2012-2015 & Since 2017

CLEAR design lab works with clients to design the future one project at a time.  We help companies break new ground by creating innovative products, services, and experiences. Our approach combines strategy driven design, integrated prototyping, and elegant engineering to build the right things the right way.

common sensing.png
Common Sensing

@IL Since 2012

Common Sensing is making medical devices that empower patients with smart data to promote self-awareness, education, and social engagement. The first product in development provides a breakthrough solution for diabetes self-management that allows patients to better control use of injectable medicine. Common Sensing was founded in 2012 by MIT graduates Richard Whalley & James White. For inquiries, contact

curious sound objects.png
Curious Sound Instruments | Nickolas Chelyapov

@IL Since 2013

Nickolas Chelyapov is a freelance Interactive Art Director and Graphic Designer.

Curious Sound Objects was born out of a desire to establish an outlet for the various interactive sound forms coming out of Cambridge and Somerville in Massachusetts. It is now growing to include international artists.

CSO showcases individual, or editioned, sound/sculptural works at the intersection of art and science.  All of the works emit sound and typically respond to visitor interactions, and the shows are a celebration of self-expression through sound, making music, and community.

The project also further extends the contemporary art landscape to include interactive works, and combines visual culture with music culture.

DynamiCare Health

@IL Since 2019

DynamiCare Health is a digital platform that helps people monitor and change their use of drugs, opioids, alcohol, and tobacco. The platform automates Contingency Management (CM), an evidence-based methodology that has been demonstrated to be effective at achieving healthy change in the use of all types of substances in over 100 randomized controlled trials and 7 meta-analyses. It was founded in 2016 by Eric Gastfriend, Harvard MBA tech executive, and his father, David R Gastfriend MD, an international expert in addiction psychiatry. Over the past 2 years, David and Eric have raised funding from investors including Hyperplane Capital, hired an incredible team of 15 people and growing, and built the product, which is now being used by treatment programs, academic research institutions, and health plans across the U.S.

Elevate Destinations

@IL Since 2018

Elevate Destinations is a leader in eco-luxury travel, creating new ways for travelers to make a difference worldwide. The company was founded and operates as a social enterprise: philanthropy and positive social and environmental impact are key to our mission. Elevate Destinations has pioneered the field of donor travel and is able to provide responsible travel to any region of the globe. We encourage people to travel sustainably and design each trip conscientiously, facilitating travelers to fully experience, understand, and protect destinations and the people who live there. 

eoghan condra.jpg
Eoghan Condra

@IL Since 2018

Eoghan is a professional musician and music teacher with over 18 years of experience. 

florian .jpeg
Florian Pagnoux

@IL Since 2018

Florian is a freelance software engineer who loves building digital products with a purpose. For a few years, he worked on improving French public services at (18F's French counterpart). He is now working on free software that improves public policy assessment (OpenFisca) while looking for new opportunities in the US! 


@IL 2013-2015 (Founder Brian Rossa) & Since 2017

In collaboration with Industry Lab, FØCAL has developed a vision-specific incubator space in Inman Square, Cambridge. Residents will have access to all the great amenities that Industry Lab has to offer, plus computer vision support provided by FØCAL.

Jonathan Lee Marcus

@IL Since 2015

I highlight the fuzzy, malleable boundaries of perception. 
I experiment with sensory experience and playful interaction. 
I can’t help poking at the limits of systems.

LeafLabs, Inc.

@IL Since 2011

LeafLabs is a top research and engineering services firm focused on low level computing. We work with leading corporations, startups, government agencies, and academic institutions to help solve their toughest computing challenges. For almost a decade, we’ve delivered tailored, practical results, enabling our clients to achieve their most important aspirations. 


@IL Since 2019

MC10 uses cutting edge technology to create the most intelligent, flexible platform for biometric healthcare analytics. Our hardware and software systems are uniquely designed to minimize burden and maximize health insights. Traditional electronic devices are rigid, bulky and fundamentally mismatched to the properties of the human body. MC10 products are thin and flexible, and built to stretch, bend and twist seamlessly with our bodies and the world around us. 


MC10’s software platform consists of a complete end-to-end system with mobile interfaces, cloud storage and analytical tools. Lean, agile software development allows us to create robust systems to support the high volume of data gathered by the BioStamp® and WiSP™ platforms. Using the most powerful tools in big data analytics and machine learning, MC10’s software translates the body’s data into a language understandable to humans. MC10’s technology empowers all of us to better understand our bodies and work towards improving human health.

New Harvest

@IL Since 2019

Established in 2004, New Harvest is the non-profit research institute building the field of cellular agriculture.


We strategically fund and conduct open, public, collaborative research that reinvents the way we make animal products - without animals.

NK Labs

@IL Since 2014

NK Labs is an engineering company. We invent creative solutions to challenging technical problems, and develop them concept to prototype. NK Labs specializes in consumer electronics, scientific instrumentation, autonomous vehicles, and desktop fabrication.


@IL Since 2018

Perched on the weight rack on not your wrist, Perch quantifies and coaches strength training exercises, overcoming the limitations of wearable devices. By using cameras and machine learning, we capture a complete picture of athlete movement in the gym, enabling us passively track sets, reps, power output, and form. With this data we can motivate and inform the 35 million US weightlifters of what they can be doing to move more powerfully, efficiently, and safely.

Perch was founded by Jacob Rothman, Nate Rodman, and Jordan Lucier, 3 recent MIT grads, in late 2016. 

Pickle robot company.png
Pickle Robot Company

@IL Since 2019

Led by Andrew Meyer, Ariana Eisenstein, and Dan Paluska, the team at Pickle Robot Company has decades of experience working at the boundary between hardware and software.

Pickle is an all-MIT cast of engineers with strong backgrounds in robotics, machine learning, modular hardware, and oddly, brain-machine interfaces.

Pickle Robot Company spun out of top Cambridge, MA R&D firm, LeafLabs.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 4.26.21 PM.png
Plebian Design | Jeff Lieberman 

@IL Since 2012

Jeff Lieberman explores the connections between the arts, sciences, education, creativity, and consciousness. He hosted 'Time Warp' on the Discovery Channel, reminding us how little our senses detect and understand about reality. He composes music in the duo Knolls. He shows sculptures internationally, exploring our unseen interconnectedness and interdependence. Having finished four degrees at MIT (Physics, Math, Mech. Eng., Media Arts + Sciences), he is exploring how the evolution of consciousness can cease human suffering.

Photocomfort | Justine Bowe

@IL Since 2017


@IL Since 2019

Relay was created by veterans of Bernie 2016, the first political campaign to use P2P text messaging at scale. Since launching in August 2016, they've worked with more than 300 organizations to send over 150 million text messages for event recruitment, volunteer engagement, fundraising, voter identification, GOTV, and much more. Relay users include political campaigns, national NGOs, grassroots organizations, colleges, universities, and independent schools.

scout magazines.jpg
Scout Magazines

@IL Since 2018

Scout Somerville and Scout Cambridge are hyperlocal, bimonthly magazines that are distributed for free throughout the two cities.

At Scout, our goal is to highlight the people who make up these vibrant communities. We scour our diverse neighborhoods for human-driven stories and publish them in print and online. We believe every city deserves a publication that speaks straight to its readers, and our small team strives to deliver just that.

Shaper Tools

@IL Since 2014

Shaper is developing a revolutionary line of computer-augmented power tools, starting with a handheld CNC router. Our mission is to improve the way that craftspeople design, build, and connect with each other.

Superlative Instruments | Ben Stamas 

@IL Since 2016

Ben Stamas heads Superlative, a synthesizer design outfit bridging the past and future of analog performance instruments.

true moringa .png
True Moringa | Emily Cunningham

@IL Since 2019

True Moringa makes clean skincare powered by cold-pressed moringa oil. We work directly with over 3000 small farming families throughout Ghana to cultivate and process our natural ingredients. To date, we have planted two million moringa trees to combat deforestation and malnutrition locally in Ghana. 

U-CHU Logo.png
U-CHU Biosensors

@IL Since 2019

We are developing a platform of health sensors on a tooth used to continually monitor health through saliva. Our sensors are on molar bands which are rings that fit around one molar. Molar bands are one of the most commonly installed orthodontic appliances, are already in the mouths of over 4.5M Americans with braces, are minimally noticeable, and are installed in minutes. Our sensors measure analytes in saliva and transmit data to a smartphone. The data is shared with the patient's care provider through their EMR for remote monitoring.


Our first product is an intraoral acidity sensor that continually monitors enamel-eroding acid, alerts patients via smartphone when teeth are at risk of decay and recommends the appropriate product. Data is shared w/ dentists through their practice management software. Insurers save money on treatment, oral health companies improve formulations & create personalized product offerings, while the CDC & ADA evaluate effectiveness of oral health initiatives.

Van Gogh Tours

@IL Since 2016

In 1992, Huibertha van Teunenbroek and Mike Sorgi started VGT as a way to fund their own Europe bike tours while on summer break from being school teachers. Since then the company has grown and evolved. In January 2013, their granddaughter, Emma Lewin, fully took over the company after working closely with them for a few years both in Europe and in the US. Between the three of them, they’ve designed, refined and led each bike and hotel, or walk and hotel tour. 

Vistapath Biosystems

@IL Since 2017

VistaPath Biosystems is modernizing pathology labs using computer-human partnership. Our hardware-enabled SaaS product drives a Workflow Management Solution which relieves highly paid technicians from the work of manual tissue processing.

Wu-Hsi Li

@IL Since 2017

I am the CEO/Founder of CharmPI, a music mobile app startup company that creates inMusic and Musicpainter. I received my Ph.D. at the MIT Media Lab in 2013. My research focus includes augmented-reality (AR) audio, interaction design on time/space, and music game design.

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