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Alumni of IL

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@IL 2019 

Born out of MIT, Aavia is using behavioral science and IoT to empower users to take the Birth Control Pill on time, every time. Our passionate team of engineers, a product designer, and an MBA developed a pocket-sized device with patent-pending sensor technology that recognizes count and position of Pills in the blister pack and sends reminders to the user's phone until the user actually takes the Pill.

Though the Pill is the most common choice for contraception by at least 2x, majority of users do not take it as prescribed, increasing their risk of pregnancy from 0.1% to 9%. This results in frequent anxiety and 1M unintended pregnancies in the US alone each year. We're improving this experience!


@IL 2014-15 and again in 2017

Abstract reveals the hidden factory of unaccounted for resource usage in discrete goods manufacturing. We deliver comprehensive, accurate, real-time visibility into the state of production by tracking scrap, downtime, and throughput. Users create a digital twin of manufacturing processes and use them to analyze alternative factory scenarios without interrupting production. We drive continuous process improvement by giving manufacturers the tools to confidently identify and prioritize opportunities for reducing costs.

adam setapen.jpeg
Adam Setapen

Adam Setapen builds robots that learn from people through social interaction. He is working on a new type of personalized robotic character for children, centering around long term interactivity and an ability to connect people in different places. With an M.S. in artificial intelligence from the University of Texas as well as a Masters in robotics from the MIT Media Lab, Adam applies his research knowledge to create products that live within the intersection of science and design. Through harnessing mobile phones in his designs, he aims to push the limits of robots that are able to work with and learn from people. With a focus on robots that can live outside the laboratory, Adam is working to create the new personal robot.


@IL 2014-2017

Agaric is a web development collective eager to understand where you want to go with your web presence and to apply our knowledge and skills to get you there. Our goal is to give you power over your web sites and online technology. Because we are a worker cooperative, every person you interact with at Agaric is an owner of the company. 

Ahna Aposhian 

@IL 2018-2019

Ahna Aposhian is an author, editor, and programming student based in Somerville. Her personal essays have been published in Add Verb, The First Line, and Subtext magazines, and her fiction has appeared in The Cliffhanger and The Horror Library. As of this writing, she is The Boston League of Wicked Wrestler’s reigning champion and defender of the BEAST Belt.

alfred megally.jpg
Alfred Megally

@IL 2012

Alfred Megally is a freelance web interface developer and adventurer. During his work season, he creates web and mobile interfaces for startups and organizations like Harvard and MIT. One of his recent dabblings is a mobile app that pings you for personal data about yourself by text message throughout the day and sends you a monthly report about your habits. Most recently he finished his side project Mixcard - "postcard mixtapes." During his adventure season, he's organized a school bus trip across the country, taken the train across the country and bicycled across the country. He's lived and explored around Buenos Aires, Cairo, and Mexico City.

Alicia Ulrich .jpeg
Alicia Ulrich

@IL 2013

Award winning experience producing, directing, writing, and supervising editing for non-scripted series, specials, pilots, and top rated syndicated shows. Self-starter and team leader with strong communication skills. Well versed in strong story telling, fast turn-around, working with talent, product integrations and marketing, shooting on location around the world.

alogus .png
Alogus Innovation & Design

@IL 2015-2017

Alogus Innovation & Design specializes in the physical development of ideas from early concept to final production and documentation. Through prototype and beta testing, they work closely with their clients to ensure the original goals and ideals remain central to the overall design. Alogus embraces a form of creative collaboration that incorporates aspects of individual personality, modern technology and overall consumer experience. They take pride in the partnerships that they create.

analisa russo.jpeg
Analisa Russo

@IL since 2016

Analisa worked with Electroninks Writeables, which commercializes conductive silver ink technology. She spearheaded the Circuit Scribe product line: a conductive ink-filled rollerball pen for drawing paper-based circuits. Circuit Scribe has applications in device prototyping, electronic art, and STEM education. Analisa now works as the Technical Community Manager at Formlabs in Somerville. 

andrew berkoqitz.jpg
Andrew Berkowitz

@IL 2015

Andrew Berkowitz is a Software Engineer who has spent the past few years working on projects like: a 250lb combat robot shown on ABC's "BattleBots", an interactive children's toy that teaches medical procedures through play, and mobile apps that work with biosensors to monitor patients during clinical studies. He is currently interested in: the future of recipes, commercial aquaponics, and medical devices.

Annina Rüst .jpg
Annina Rüst

@IL 2014

Annina Rüst creates electronic objects and software art. While at Industry Lab, she is preparing her robotic installation, "A Piece of the Pie Chart," for an exhibit at the Art+Technology Lab at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. "A Piece of the Pie Chart" is a food robot that puts pie charts onto real, edible pies. The data on the pie charts addresses the gender gap in art and tech workplaces to remind those institutions how large (or rather small) the piece of the pie is for women in technology.


@IL 2013

Apitronics helps farmers become more efficient and productive by using networks of sensors and switches. We create electronic Bees, who work together and communicate with the Hive. Each Swarm—the Hive and its Bees– functions as a unit and is unique to its environment.

Ashton Instruments .png
Ashton Instruments

@IL 2014-2015

We are Ashton Instruments, a Cambridge based startup building the next generation of bicycle power meters. We got our start in mid-2013 over a pitcher of beer at an MIT pub and are now turning a couple of sketches into accurate and robust power meters.


@IL 2017-2019

A fusion of expert knowledge, technology expertise and elbow grease to deliver the next-generation of precision medical diagnostics today.

AvaTech I Mountain Hub

@IL 2014

AvaTech is an MIT start-up that develops state-of-the-art, proactive avalanche safety devices that help backcountry professionals and adventurers avoid life-threatening avalanches. AvaTech integrates a high tech measurement device with data collection, networking, and analytics capabilities to enhance personal safety, area management and avalanche science. It is now renamed Mountain Hub.

The Baffler .png
The Baffler

@IL 2014-2015

The Baffler, est. 1988, is a printed and digital magazine of art and criticism appearing three times annually—spring, summer, and fall. We’re headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts; edited by Lindsey Gilbert, Lauren Kirchner, Chris Lehmann, and John Summers; designed by Patrick Flynn; distributed by MIT Press; and delivered to subscribers and book stores in all fifty U.S. states. Contributing editors include Barbara Ehrenreich, Susan Faludi, and David Graeber. Our founding editor is Thomas Frank. We named it The Baffler because Fuck You was already taken.

Bandcamp | Jackson Clawson

@IL 2017-2019

Jackson is a designer and developer who is holding down the remote fort for Bandcamp, a widely-known music website whose mission is to create the best possible service for artists and labels to share and earn money from their music, and for fans to discover and enjoy it.

Best Bilingual Solutions .jpg
Best Bilingual Solutions

@IL 2013

Best Bilingual Solutions is startup publishing house with a strong educational focus on language learning. Though we are based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, we are a global enterprise driven by Citizens of the World of all ages and backgrounds, who have in common a love for learning, language, and culture. We are all about having fun while hopefully enriching many people’s lives through the creation, translation, publishing, and selling of beautiful books, produced monolingually and bilingually in 19+ languages and in all real and virtual formats.


@IL 2015-2017

BioBright is bringing the biology lab into the digital age They are developing a smart lab that enhances the scientific workflow and enables researchers to compare what should have happened with what actually happened in an experiment.

BioEchem .jpg

@IL 2015

The major focus of BioEchem is research & development of microbial catalysts/electrodes, which can be used for biological energy or useful byproduct generation, including source components from fossil fuel and related applications for medical care. We have developed a microbial community analysis tool, Spatial Analytical Microbial Imaging (SAMI), using microbial analysis in the process of the product development. Certain clinical applications of this tool are under development. Our interests of other green tech products R&D; include special Microbial Fuel Cell, biofuel enhancement devices and/or air cleaning aperture.

Blake Brasher .jpg
Blake Brasher

@IL 2014

Blake Brasher grew up in North Pole, Alaska. He is inspired by everything in the natural world from super novae to microscopic organisms to quantum mechanics. His paintings are abstract and experimental. He has been living in the Boston area since 1997.


@IL 2017-2019

Boxaroo creates puzzle adventures. Players (usually in teams of 5-10) enter a room and together, try to conquer a challenge. You might be unearthing lost treasure, discovering the magician's secret, preventing a temporal disruption...

Brian Kane .png
Brian Kane

@IL 2016-2017

Brian Kane was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1965 and currently lives and works in Cambridge, MA. He received a BFA in Painting from RISD in 1987, where he also teaches. His sculpture, interactive, and video work has shown in many museum and gallery exhibitions, and Kane’s pioneering real time video sampling techniques was influential to a generation of media artists. He was a founding member of the video art group EBN, and a primary collaborator with and Amorphic Robot Works.

Recent exhibitions and festivals include Nuit Blanche (Toronto), MACBA (Barcelona), HDADD+ (MFA Boston), #11.Art (Museo Nacional do Complexo Cultural da Republica, Brazil), Memery (MASS MoCA), People in Space (Shanghai World Expo), Late at Tate (Tate Britain), Big Chill (U.K.), MediaLive (Boulder MoCA), and a 2010 solo show at Murphy and Dine, New York, NY. His latest work "Healing Tool" is a disappearing billboard, and can be seen here.

Cambridge Hackspace .png
Cambridge Hackspace

@IL 2014-2015

We are a 501(c)3 makerspace in the center of Somerville, MA. We have a 1200sqft workshop catering to enthusiastic makers, and hold weekly meetings where we get together and make things. We have a Laser cutter, CNCs, 3D printers, and a range of other tools for our members to use.

Carly Nix .jpeg
Carly Nix

@IL 2012

Carly Nix is a multidisciplinary artist, the former Director of Industry Lab, and a former Associate Producer of NPR's Car Talk.

Chitra Gopalakrishnan .jpg
Chitra Gopalakrishnan

@IL 2013

Chitra is a graphic designer with a great affinity for motion graphics, branding and print-making. With an MFA in graphic design from the Cranbrook Academy of Art (2009) and the ESAG Penninghen (2004), she is a passionate advocate to using design strategies for social change. She is the co-founder of Kara Weaves, a hand-loom weaving revival project based out of India. It is the only social enterprise of its kind that works with the thorthu weaving co-operatives in Kerala to promote their work through the creation of home linens and accessories. 

Chris Chronopoulos

@Leaflabs 2015-2017

@IL 2018 -2019

Chris Chronopoulos is working on free software for the Linux audio ecosystem. 

Circular2 .jpg

@IL 2014-2017

Circular2 is working on low-cost surface sensing technology that enables novel gestural interfaces on everyday devices.

Connie Lu _ Pupa Dupa .jpg
Connie Lu | Pupa Dupa

@IL 2016-2017

Delighted by the flavors, nutrition, and resource-efficiency of edible insects, Connie began farming crickets in 2016 through her company Pupa Dupa. She is designing open-source tools to partially automate cricket farming, with the goal of reducing production costs enough to scale up to a commercial edible insects farm in Massachusetts. She also works part-time as an engineering consultant with Amec Foster Wheeler, practicing groundwater and soil remediation. She is a registered Professional Engineer (Civil- Water Resources and Environmental, California).

Coparcel .jpeg

@IL 2015

Coparcel is a one-of-a-kind funding platform for impact investing on the neighborhood level. We enable individuals to invest in real estate development projects that bring positive change to neighborhoods such as green buildings, affordable housing, community-oriented development and various adaptive reuse projects.

Cospan Design .png
Cospan Design

@IL 2011-2016

Cospan Design develops hardware and software for hobbyists, engineers and researchers. Our primary focus is on FPGA based development platforms for various design goals including: high speed data acquisition, data processing and general hardware prototyping.


@IL 2015-2016

Cove is a DC-based startup that is building neighborhood productive spaces. We're targeting the gap between the coffee shop and the coworking space, for people who need a place to drop in and get things done with reliable wifi, power, printing, and coffee. We’re up and running in DC with several locations and will be expanding to Boston this summer!

Dan Paluska .jpg
Dan Paluska

@IL 2016

Dan is currently looking for new ways to share more information. Dan likes to wear a tweed jacket and drill holes in things. 

David Nunez .jpg
David Nunez

@IL 2015

David Nunez is a creative technologist, executing projects at the intersection of art, design, and technology. He builds mobile apps, games, and interactive software using tools like iOS, Unity3D, Cinder, openFrameworks (oF), and Processing. His recent clients have included JK Rowling's Lumos organization, Candlewick Press, PBS, Electric Type and the Personal Robotics Group at the MIT Media Lab. His project, Bytes and Bots at the Children's Museum of Houston, engages students to explore programming ideas through an animatronic lobster and bird. Previously, he designed the multitouch table used to play the Electric Gongs, a set of instruments for the Austin Children’s Museum. His robotic marionette, El Quemira, won multiple blue ribbons at the 2007 Austin Maker Faire. He also co-curates dorkbot-boston, a monthly gathering of people doing strange things with electricity.


@IL 2013-2015

Democratech is a design collaborative focused on democratizing product development. It is currently bringing the Sprout pencil, a project designed at MIT and launched on Kickstarter, to market. When Sprout is too short to use, it can be planted to grow herbs, flowers, and more!

Decentraland | Trevor Waldorf

@IL 2018-2019

Trevor works at Decentraland, a sovereign virtual world owned by its inhabitants, where his focus is on identity and experience. Decentraland is a non-revenue-generating organization based in Argentina with team members distributed across 10+ timezones. Previously, he ran companies in the music and VR industries in Germany and the U.S. and was almost literally raised by wolves in Alaska.

Design I/O

@IL 2012-2018

Design I/O is a creative studio specializing in the design and development of cutting edge, immersive, interactive installations. Design I/O develops installations for events, galleries, museums, exhibitions and public space and specializes in creating engaging, meaningful interaction with the public.


@IL 2013

By engaging existing community members as mentors, Domo minimizes the time taken for new employees and students to become productive, and enables growing organizations to visualize and maintain the culture they'd like their communities to have. Domo recently finished a pilot for undergraduates at MIT, and is now accepting requests for invitations to our closed Beta.

Dunami, Inc.

@IL 2018

Dunami’s software solutions use automated behavioral modeling to analyze social networks beyond simplistic social media analytics, enabling clients to understand the makeup and behavior of topic-specific networks, identify influencers, and understand the spread of information.


@IL 2013-2015

EdYou was formed by Zachary Katz to help build a bridge between industrialized, test-based learning and personal development. Based upon the idea that learning is the medium of human growth, EdYou does everything from SAT tutoring, to tutor training, to developing interactive learning tools. We are committed to finding a way for every student to find learning fulfilling.

Electroninks Writeables .jpg
Electroninks Writeables

@IL 2015-2017

Electroninks Writeables is a small electronics and materials company that got its start in Urbana, IL. Our cornerstone product, Circuit Scribe, is a silver conductive ink pen that is used for drawing circuits on paper. A library of magnetic circuit modules including LEDs, motors, switches, and sensors bring circuit projects to life. Circuit Scribe’s main applications are in circuit prototyping, education, and electronic art. Our goal is to develop tools that make circuit creation intuitive, accessible, and fun for all ages.

Ellie Tiglao | Tanám

@IL 2017-2018

Tanám is a food and artspace based in Union Square, Somerville. While we seek to continue the cultural advocacy mission of Pamangan, the Filipino American pop-up that has made its way throughout Greater Boston in the last three years, we seek to expand on its best ideas in our Bow Market space. 


Each narrative weaves together food and other art forms to present an experience that allows guests to step out of their restaurant expectations and for all - guests and staff alike - to consider their own and each other's place within the story, the food system and our communities.


@IL 2014-2017

EMBR labs was founded by four MIT students who are passionate about letting people take control of their own comfort.

Our mission is to harness the power of temperature to improve personal comfort & save energy. We are driven by the realization that existing temperature solutions haven’t significantly evolved in the last hundred years: these solutions are passive, low-tech, & impersonal.

Eric Rosenbaum .jpeg
Eric Rosenbaum

@IL 2015-2017

Eric Rosenbaum wants to amplify your imagination. As a freelance creative technologist, he combines his love for music, improvisation, making, and learning to invent new technologies for playful creation. He recently completed his PhD at MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten group, with a dissertation called “Explorations in Musical Tinkering.” His projects have included the Makey Makey invention kit (co-invented with Jay Silver), the Singing Fingers app for finger painting with sound, Glowdoodle software for painting with light, and the BeetleBlocks visual programming environment for 3D design and fabrication.

Ethan Sherbondy .jpg
Ethan Sherbondy

@IL 2015-2016

Ethan Sherbondy is the Systems Engineer at Clover Food Lab, whatever that means. He got lost in Cambridge after completing a B.S. in Computer Science at MIT and still hasn't found a way out (map donations appreciated). Someday he will return to CSAIL to do a M-Eng in computer graphics. But today is not that day. In his spare time he fiddles around with computer graphics and vision projects. He is actively recovering from a software development addiction, frequently relapsing under the alias Unidextrous. Ethan is an amateur beekeeper, wannabe botanist, and human being.

Fly Sorter .png
Fly Sorter

@IL 2013-2015

FlySorter is developing the next generation of automation products for biology labs.

FormLabs .png

@IL 2012-2013

We’re a passionate team of engineers, designers, and problem-solvers. Started out of MIT in 2011, Formlabs is now over 500 people across Boston, North Carolina, Hungary, Germany, Japan, and China. We're committed to bringing powerful and accessible fabrication tools into the creative hands of professionals around the world.

GeoAdaptive .jpg

GeoAdaptive provides spatial technology and strategy services to inform the planning, design, and development of regional and urban landscapes. We employ a trans-disciplinary process that distills geographic, economic, and social information to develop geospatial solutions for governments, businesses, and agencies. Our success lies in the proven experience and expertise of our team and network, which has worked on some of the most innovative and complex spatial planning projects around the world.

Gerard Patawaran .jpeg
Gerard Patawaran

Gerard Patawaran is a visual artist / graphic designer born and raised in California currently living in Cambridge, MA with his wife and three cats. Please feel free to contact him by phone or computer or telepathy.

Gestalt Design .png
Gestalt Design

@IL 2013

Gestalt Design is a consultancy transforming healthcare through design thinking and human centered design. Established companies, startups and agencies look to Gestalt for excellence in interaction design, visual design, and product development. Gestalt Design was founded by Brian Hoffer, a swiss trained designer, consultant, and entrepreneur.

Gillian Grogan _ Honeyfoot .jpg
Gillian Grogan | Honeyfoot

On a mission to CHANGE communities, to affect and ENGAGE her every audience, one by one, HUMAN being by human BEING, to work toward a HAPPIER and HEALTHIER  PLANET. Gillian is an environmental engineer with a passion for clean energy,  climate science, and transitions toward a S U S T A I N A B L E  future. 

GoodLux Technology .png
GoodLux Technology

@IL 2014

GoodLux Technology was founded by a team of scientists, doctors, health enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs on a mission to improve health on a global scale by re-imagining the intersection of technology and nature. They are the makes of SunSprite, a wearable sun and light tracker.


@IL 2014-2015

GRIT is a social enterprise startup. We believe in a stakeholder-driven design process, where the people who use a technology help to design it. We started as the MIT Mobility Lab where we invented the Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC), a lever-powered all-terrain wheelchair. After four years of testing the LFC in the field, we founded GRIT in 2012 to bring the LFC to market. We help people with disabilities get off-road and on with their lives.

hannh pryfogle.jpg
Hannah Pryfogle 

@IL 2018-2019

Hannah Pryfogle is an Inside Channel Manager at Talkdesk, focusing on developing relationships with sales partners. Talkdesk works to empower companies to continuously improve customer experience. With enterprise-class performance and consumer-like experience, Talkdesk allows businesses to adapt their contact center to the evolving needs of their customers and teams, resulting in increased productivity, customer satisfaction and cost savings.

Heloisa Escudero .jpg
Heloisa Escudero

@IL 2015

Heloisa Escudero grew up in São Paulo, Brazil, but relocated to the United States in 1987, where her interest in Fine Arts developed. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art and a Master of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her interest in art is project based and that each one has a conceptual idea that carries a very interactive nature for the audience. In many cases the audience becomes part of the project via tangible interaction with the artwork. Her work cannot be defined by medium and ranges from performance, video, installation, and sculpture to painting and photography. When Escudero is not making art in her studio she is working for the Hirshhorn Museum Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC as an Exhibit Specialist.

Interface Studio Architects .jpg
Interface Studio Architects

@IL 2016

ISA is an architecture office engaged in design and research projects in cities across the U.S.A.  We work closely with project stakeholders to produce buildings, master plans, installations, and conversations that provide innovative solutions for our clients while productively addressing changing climates, lifestyles, technologies, and urban environments. 

Ian Maclellan

@IL 2018

Ian is a freelance photographer and filmmaker. He loves photographing for magazines, websites, catalogues, posterity, gigantic billboards, social media campaigns, and everything in between for clients like MIT, LL Bean, Runner's World, and The Trust for Public Land. In between editing and assignments, he rock climbs, runs, canoes, bikes, and has been photographing a daily photo blog for the past 5 years. 


@IL 2018

IOTIS is a surgical device startup by MIT alums and medical device veterans working to improve surgical safety and outcomes.

Jamie Zigelbaum .jpeg
Jamie Zigelbaum

@IL 2012

Jamie Zigelbaum is a co-founder of Industry Lab and an artist, designer, and engineer living in New York. He is the director of Midnight Commercial, a creative studio working across disciplines.

Jeff LeBlanc .jpg
Jeff LeBlanc

@IL 2014-2015

Jeff LeBlanc is a designer and software engineer. Jeff has developed and built interactive software applications and environments for diverse clients from the Smithsonian and Nike to the US Air Force. He worked on a data visualization startup based out of Industry Lab. Jeff studied math at MIT and technology/design at NYU's ITP.

jeremy k.jpg
Jeremy Kelleher

Jeremy is an iOS developer working for UMass Amherst. He works in the college of education developing apps on multiple grants. Currently, he’s working on a project to build an ecology textbook on the iPad for incarcerated high school aged students. When he’s not at work, he likes to run, make music, and cook.

@IL 2018-2019

Jordan Wayne Long .jpeg
Jordan Wayne Long

Jordan Wayne Long is a performance/installation artist. His work deals with Trauma and the mechanisms used to deal with it. Jordan's work has been featured on such sites as Art21, Artnet, Kataku and MSNBC. His recent performances involve shipping himself across country while locked in a crate, burning down barns and being dragged behind cars. He tells stories too.

Kendall Research Systems .png
Kendall Research Systems

KRS is pioneering novel tools for neuroscience discovery using optogenetic techniques. From a single-target implantable tethered light source to a multi-site completely wireless system scalable to hundreds of simultaneous subjects, explore the benefits of optogenetics untethered.


@IL 2015

Lazoka is a fresh food, online community marketplace that specializes in connecting consumers directly with producers to obtain home delivery of product. Our mission is to build increased market-share for direct sales of fresh products, and a more sustainable, transparent food system. Azoka means "market" in Basque. In spite of the arrival of modern supermarkets, traditional open air markets continued to flourish and are still a prominent feature of life in the larger Basque towns, as farmers set up stalls with their produce.


@IL 2013

Libboo is on the mission to help talented producers of content be discovered in the new world. The premise is that by fully understanding the influence, motivation, and effectiveness of advocates within specific communities - both online and offline, talented owners of content can use those advocates as their greatest marketers and target exactly the communities they need to reach.

Lisa Pinals .jpeg
Lisa Pinals

@IL 2017

Lisa is a Senior Engineer at Cambridge Consultants.

Luminaire Coffee .jpeg
Luminaire Coffee

@IL 2015-2016

Luminaire Coffee is a team of engineers and designers brought together by their passion for technology, design, and coffee. Luminaire develops electronics, firmware and software for the specialty coffee and food industries.

Luminous .png

@IL 2014-2017

Luminous provides strategy consulting and facilitation to the leadership teams of corporates and non-profits all over the world. Based on the belief that people-centered organizations perform better, Luminous focuses on engaging customers and employees, bringing greater clarity and meaning to strategy, galvanizing teams and mobilizing them for action.

Marcelo Coelho Studio .png
Marcelo Coelho Studio

@IL 2011-2017

Marcelo Coelho's work explores how physical and computational materials can be used to create new human experiences. Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Marcelo holds a BFA in Computation Arts, with highest honors, from Concordia University in Montreal, and a PhD from the Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Melinda Hale .jpeg
Melinda Hale

Melinda Hale is a mechanical engineer who loves building things. Her lab at MIT ran out of room for her to tinker on side projects, and her dorm won't let her keep power tools. Her dream is someday to have a shop just like Iron Man's in her basement.

Mia Dalglish .jpg
Mia Dalglish

@IL 2013-2016

Mia Dalglish is the Co-Curator + Exhibitions Director at Pictura Gallery. She is an alumni of the Indiana University Photography Program, and upon graduation worked at the International Center for Photography. She currently serves as a portfolio reviewer for National and International Conferences and Photography Festivals. Mia has curated over 20 photographic exhibitions in the past three years, including MANMADE, Tiksi, Fables + Fictions and her first international exhibition, FUTURE TENSE, in Kobe, Japan. Mia is training to become an Argentine Tango Instructor. She studies with and works for her instructors Fernanda Ghi + Guillermo Merlo in Somerville, MA.

NDensity .png

@IL 2013-2015

NDensity produces innovations in computation. We are an elite-team-as-a-service that lowers the barrier to advanced computation, research, and breakthrough innovations for organizations. The founding members of our lab are leaders in their fields and industry experts who have produced some of the most successful companies, brands, and cutting edge research.

Nell Breyer .jpg
Nell Breyer

@IL 2013

Nell Breyer was a research affiliate at MIT’s Program in Art, Culture and Technology and the Center for Advanced Visual Studies between 2002-2010. Her work focuses on the intersection of dance, new media, and visual art.

NexPCB .jpg

@IL 2014-2016

NexPCB is a premier Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider of affordable, premium-quality Printed Circuit Board since 2005. Our fabrication, assembly, and supply chain management capabilities make us a one-stop-shop for all hardware needs. At NexPCB, we cater to small to mid-sized companies that wish to lower their overall costs but maintain supreme quality. Not only manufacturing boards, we also help our customer with EMS supply chain management and optimization for further cost-down.

Nina Klymenko .jpg
Nina Klymenko

@IL 2013-2016

Nina Klymenko is a 2D Illustrator, focused on game developing. In her homeland of Ukraine, she was a researcher and physicist. Working in the entertainment industry she creates educational games utilizing her background in science.

Noise to Signal .png
Noise to Signal

@IL 2016-2017

Noise to Signal provides marketing technology consulting services to clients who depend on reliable data in order to drive their digital marketing programs. Through the thoughtful implementation of testing and measurement, Noise to Signal helps marketers make decisions based on data they can trust.

Nuli Coffee .png
Nuli Coffee

Our goal is to use technology to make dramatic improvements to coffee technology.

Owen Trueblood .jpeg
Owen Trueblood

@IL 2016

Owen Trueblood tries to build pretty machines which do interesting things and help speed human convergence to immortal nuclear computer-goo. And he does freelance work too.

Plus Fabrication .png
Plus Fabrication

@IL 2012-2015

Plus Fabrication is a studio founded by two artists passionate about design and fabrication. We collaborate with designers, artists, and engineers to solve technical and aesthetic challenges. We make objects that are not just well made but well thought out.

R4 Solutions .png
R4 Solutions

@IL 2015-2016

Greg Paraskos at R4 Solutions has spent his career as a mechanical engineer working on a wide array of products including consumer electronics, wind turbines, compressors and robotics. By combining his expertise in mechanical design, CAD and Finite Element Analysis, Greg can generate many valuable design iterations in rapid succession. These iterations result in robust designs that reach maturity in a much shorter period of time.

Red Point Positioning .png
Red Point Positioning

@IL 2013-2017

Red Point Positioning was conceived by a team of veterans in the wireless industry, and built by experts in ultra-wideband localization technology, RPP’s real-time location services (RTLS) platform delivers centimeter resolution positions for the things you care about. From warehouses to office parks, flexible deployment scenarios, low hardware cost, and an open API enable easy integration with your existing infrastructure. Enterprise or entrepreneur, track, navigate, and never again wonder Where. .jpeg

@IL 2018

We want to connect content creators with those who wish to interact with their video and be a part of a greater experience. Rhinobird is an interactive video player; its team hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts all the way down to Santiago, Chile, and has worked with passion to create a platform designed to capture and share the full experience of life from every perspective. 

Great stories don’t have a single angle, nor a single point of view, so why then do we settle with a video player that only offers one perspective at a time? That’s the question that gave Rhinobird it’s beginning.

Rhinobird is designed to let the audience participate and take control of the video experience. We want to connect content creators with the those who wish to interact with their video and be a part of a greater experience.

Ryan Kuo .png
Ryan Kuo

@IL 2015

Ryan Kuo is an artist who expends his agency on reflexive systems and acts of non-knowledge. His works range from loud things on big screens to tiny words written on little cards, but tend to utilize virtual space, digital video, and anomalous sounds. Ryan completed a thesis at MIT’s graduate program in Art, Culture and Technology in 2014. His recent interests include spirals and sequencers, both questions that lead to questions that… In another bio, Ryan is a freelance writer and editor currently building technical documentation for a corporate client.

Sara Hendren 

@IL 2018-2019

Sara Hendren is an artist, design researcher, writer, and professor based in Cambridge. Her work includes social design projects, graphic arts, and mixed media collaborations that engage technology and the adaptive human body. Combining disability studies, speculative research, and critical design, her practice is a restless mix of engineering and the arts in pursuit of sharper questions about human capacity, worth, and interdependence. Her work has been exhibited in the US and abroad and is held in the permanent collections at MoMA and the Cooper Hewitt Museum. 

Sasha Israel Photography .jpg
Sasha Israel Photography

@IL 2017

Environmental Portraiture and Lifestyle Photographer based between Cambridge, MA & Brooklyn, NY.

SQZ Biotechnologies .png
SQZ Biotechnologies

@IL 2014-2015

SQZ Biotechnologies is developing the CellSqueeze platform, a microfluidic system originally conceived at MIT that physically opens up cells by gently squeezing them. If you think of a cell like a spring, once you squeeze it and let go it gets bigger than its original size. In our case the cell becomes so big that the cell membrane can't hold itself together. Small pores develop in the membrane allowing proteins, DNA, drugs, etc. to diffuse right into the cell interior. SQZ seeks to change how life scientists study and engineer cells, hopefully leading to accelerated drug discovery, enhanced generation and manipulation of stem cells, and even personalized cancer vaccines.

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Splice Labs

@IL 2016-2017

Splice is a platform for collaboration founded by Chris Ryan and Nathan Fash. From architecture and construction to research and strategy Splice builds lean interdisciplinary teams to execute projects skillfully and efficiently with a distinct focus on progressive thinking and identifying the unique qualities in every opportunity.

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@IL 2013-2015

Sproot delivers fresh, healthy, hassle-free meals to schools around Boston. We combine left and right brains to make meals ridiculously nutritious, delicious and fun. Real food + a dash of science + a sprinkling of fun = happy healthy kids!

SproutsIO .jpeg

@IL 2013-2015

The SproutsIO smart appliance reliably grows a wide range of tasty fruits and vegetables, from strawberries to bok choy. Our convenient soil-free system is easy to use, simple to maintain and can be controlled right from your mobile phone. No green thumbs required. Connecting to healthy and affordable produce has never been easier.

Still Life Studio

@IL 2018 - 2019

Still Life helps make big ideas happen.

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@IL 2016 - 2018

Supernormal is an urban research and design group created to improve the translation of granular urban and real estate data into intelligent design, development and planning outcomes. Founders Elizabeth Christoforetti and Will Cohen work broadly across scales to create scalable design and planning prototypes for the urban environment. In addition to her work at Supernormal, Elizabeth serves as a researcher in the Social Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab, where her collaborative work on the Big Data for Small Places study recently won a Knight Foundation Prototype Grant.


@IL 2014

At Techniiq, we are on a mission to power the world, wirelessly. Our technology will free people from chargers and allow them to power their devices without the use of cords or wires.

WDean Medical Corp | Nick Sophinos

@IL 2017-2019

With our suite of medical practice software offerings we empower your practice in all phases of care delivery, including allowing your practice to run in an efficient and profitable manner.


@IL 2014-2015

WOVNS is a textile technology platform that is changing the way textiles are produced.The platform allows designers to develop and order custom woven textiles, in quantities as small as a single yard. In the era of digital fabrication platforms, desktop 3D printers and CNC machines, our goal is to revolutionize textile production, creating access and immediacy for woven textile development.


Zeega is an open-source HTML5 platform for creating interactive documentaries and inventing new forms of storytelling. A winner of the 2011 Knight News Challenge, we are a startup 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission to enable anyone to create participatory projects that combine original content with photos, videos, text, audio, data feeds and maps via APIs from across the web. But Zeega is not just an online documentary toolkit. Integral to the project is the ability to bridge physical and digital worlds through tangible media such as signs, stickers or even networked receipt printers.

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Elan Mehler | Newvelle Records 

@IL 2018-2020

I started Newvelle Records with a partner in Paris 5 years ago. We release box set "seasons" of new music recorded in New York and released exclusively on vinyl. We also release new artwork, prose, and text as part of our seasons and plan festivals and events worldwide. My background is as a composer, pianist, and a teacher. I've released music under my own name and in a new project called "TJ and the Revenge".

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