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Member of the Month

There are many different companies and individuals that choose to work at Industry Lab. From artists to engineers, all types of workers choose to spend their days at IL. To highlight the talent and variety of our community, we started a Member of the Month Program. Every month, we'll feature a different member for you to learn more about. 

April, 2019:

Meredith Hauser, Elevate Destinations 

Member Profile - Meredith .png

What does Elevate Destinations do?

We’re a philanthropic travel company. We partner with nonprofits to take their donors on trips so they can see where their money is going. I feel fortunate to work for a company that is doing good in the world and allows me to travel.


What do you do for Elevate? 

I’m an Account Manager and Event Coordinator. I work directly with clients to put together trips. That’s my job on paper, but we’re a small team so we all wear many hats. 


One of your favorite organizations to work with?

 World Bicycle Relief. They go to rural communities where there are no transportation resources and provide bicylcles so people can get to essential places like markets and HIV clinics.


Favorite local shop or activity?

I love the local craft shop Gather Here. And for after work drinks, The Druid.


March, 2019:

Nate Rodman, Perch


What does Perch do?

We're a fitness tracking company that uses computer vision to monitor weightlifting workouts. We're making it possible for you to know you’re getting the best work out for you.

What do you do at Perch?

I'm the CTO, but I wear multiple hats. I have a background in engineering, both mechanical and electrical. I also contribute to the task of writing all of our software in addition to the assembly effort for our hardware. 

What do you like about working at Industry Lab?

For me, it's close to home and I like the people. Also, the flexibility. We have our own corner that we can customize and have freedom to work how we need to. The collaborative aspect is also great. Recently, another member who works on the floor below us designed a circuit board for Perch. Usually you're many miles away from the person you’re contracting with, but since so many awesome people are all in one building it was easy to collaborate! 

Favorite local lunch spot?

All Star Pizza Bar. I always gets the funky slice, no matter what.

Favorite hobby?

Playing music - I'm in a band called Dudertuned.

Favorite bar?

The People's Republik.

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