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At the Dinner Table

Free Lunches with New Members

Take a new member out to lunch/coffee on IL! (Or - new members, take a current IL member out to lunch!)


  • Up to two free lunch pairings per new member. We'll keep an updated list of people who are still lunch-eligible on this page.

  • Cross-floor pairings are especially encouraged! (Try pinging the #lunch slack channel to find a hungry-new-member-lunch-partner!)

  • Applies to new members renting desks (since January 1, 2019) and current AiRs.

    • Does not apply to pairs from the same team

    • Does not apply to summer interns or short-term contractors

  • New member-new member pairs are eligible!

  • Trade us your receipt for up to $20 cash, please!

Questions? Reach out to

New IL Members (still free lunch eligible!):


  • Chris Fitch (Pickle Robot Company, 2A)

  • Julia Breul (Elevate Destinations, 4B)

  • Noah Hill (UCHU Biosensors, Inc., 4C)

  • Daniel Weinstein (UCHU Biosensors, Inc., 4C)

  • Nika Ouelette (Perch, 4E)

  • Ching-Ping Lin (4A)

  • Mike Piantedosi (VistaPath, 4C)

  • JT Hinchen (NK, 3C)

  • Eric Francis (Scout Magazines, 4B)

  • Kate Krueger (New Harvest, 4B)

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